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The following table includes every Riedesel/Rietesel emigrant to America about whom I have any information. Clicking on their link will take you to page with a biography, links to ancestry and descendant charts, and photographs. The extent of what I know varies widely. Other factual tidbits (some of them even correct) may show up on Ancestry. I don’t try to “compete” with Ancestry. My goal is to provide well-edited stories that tie together what all is known. If you have other information, please let me know!

Paul Riedesel

Index of Riedesel/Rietesel Emigrants

Birth NameKnown AsTo AmericaBirth DatePlace BornDeath DatePlace Died
Albert Peter RiedeselAlbert1913November 1, 1910BerlinMay 2, 1993Westfield, New York
Ann Margaret RiedeselAnn Morehouse1922July 31, 1912Munkbrarup, Germany
Anna Catherine RiedeselCatherine Busch1871May 5, 1853WunderthausenAfter 1930Oxford, New Jersey
Anna Catherine RiedeselCatherine Riddle1837April 22, 1815WunderthausenSeptember 11, 1909Oxford, New Jersey
Anna Elisabeth Riedesel1868December 10, 1846WunderthausenProb. Rochester, New York
Anna Elisabeth Riedesel1845May 10, 1844WunderthausenAbt. 1848Galion, Ohio
Anna Elisabeth RiedeselAnna Homrighausen1845April 30, 1820WunderthausenJune 12, 1909Big Rock, Iowa
August RiedeselAugust1852March 22, 1826Erndtebrück1916Yorktown, Texas
Catherine Luise Riedesel1903March 26, 1876WunderthausenFebruary 4, 1933Wheatland, Iowa
Catherine RiedeselCatherine Mitchell1885April 28, 1871WunderthausenNovember 22, 1972Baxter Springs, Kansas
Charles Riedesel18731819Stralsund, VorpommernProb. Cook County
Charles Rietesel1880October 14, 1877Stralsund, VorpommernJanuary 27, 1949McHenry County, Illinois
Christian J. Rietesel1872April 10, 1856Sommerfeld, VorpommernApril 20, 1921Chicago, Illinois
Christian Willi RiedeselChristian1893May 22,1872WunderthausenSept 20, 1965Rochester, New York
Dina Riedesel18671853Wunderthausen
Elisabeth RiedeselElizabeth Daniels1882April 4, 1861WunderthausenNovember 1948Miami, Florida
Elisabeth RiedeselElisabeth Baetzel1867April 30, 1842WunderthausenAfter 1915Prob. Rochester, New York
Elisabeth RiedeselElisabeth Homrighausen1868June 1844?RehseifenAfter 1900Iowa
Emilie Lisette RiedeselLisetta Kroh1902January 24, 1879WunderthausenJanuary 12, 1963Wheatland, Iowa
Emma RiedeselEmma Strackbein1906April 27, 1891WunderthausenMay 14, 1986Wheatland, Iowa
Florentine RiedeselFlorentine Baumgartner/Strable1871December 23, 1843WunderthausenAfter 1910Oxford, New Jersey
Friedrich Heinrich RiedeselFred1906December 17, 1889WunderthausenFebruary 9, 1977Wheatland, Iowa
Friedrich RiedeselFrederick1867June 4, 1861DiedenshausenMay 28, 1910Wheatland, Iowa
Friedrich Riedesel 1864About 1816Glewitz, Vorpommern1880-1900East Dundee, Illinois
Friedrika RiedeselFriedrika Mahnke1873About 1859Stralsund, VorpommernAfter 1940Prob. Chicago
Georg Friedrich RiedeselFred1871August 19, 1852WunderthausenOctober 15, 1916Worthington, Minnesota
Georg Gabriel RiedeselLudwig1867September 20, 1809WunderthausenMay 14, 1884Kansas City
Georg Ludwig RiedeselGeorge Louis1881May 15, 1863WunderthausenDecember 21, 1933Denver, Iowa
Georg Ludwig RiedeselLouis C.1867January 7, 1840WunderthausenJanuary 1, 1913Wheatland, Iowa
Georg Ludwig RiedeselLouis D.1866September 17, 1847WunderthausenOctober 12, 1929Wheatland, Iowa
Georg Ludwig RiedeselGeorge1845January 12, 1825WunderthausenJanuary 16, 1901Wheatland, Iowa
Georg Ludwig RiedeselLouis RadleAbt.1837May 13, 1817WunderthausenFebruary 27, 1903Oxford, New Jersey
Georg Ludwig RiedeselGeorge1906September 19, 1883WunderthausenJuly 19, 1931Wheatland, Iowa
Gustave Heinrich RiedeselGus1906September 16, 1893WunderthausenSeptember 27, 1959Wheatland, Iowa
Heinrich Adolph RiedeselAdolph Emil1906July 11, 1895WunderthausenDecember 14, 1973Wheatland, Iowa
Heinrich Friedrich RiedeselHenry1881January 11, 1856WunderthausenSeptember 19, 1931Osage County, Kansas
Heinrich Hermann RiedeselHenry Herman1881November 12, 1865WunderthausenMarch 5, 1935Jackson County, Missouri
Hermine Anna Elisabeth RiedeselHermine Strackbein1906December 2, 1885WunderthausenJuly 23, 1952Wheatland, Iowa
J. Ludwig Riedesel Ludwig1844August 5, 1822WunderthausenJanuary 12, 1910Clinton, Iowa
Joachim Carl Friedrich RieteselFriedrich or Fritz1880February 21, 1851Muucks, NordvorpommernBetween 1910-1920Chicago, Illinois
Johann Daniel RiedeselJohn1860March 1, 1851WunderthausenRochester, New York
Johann Friedrich Heinrich RiedeselJohn 1909/1913 (to stay)June 15, 1883Paris, FranceDecember 17, 1945Westfield, New York
Johann Georg RiedeselGeorge D.1865November 16, 1844WunderthausenDecember 18, 1932Moore,Oklahoma
Johann Georg RiedeselGeorge Riddle or Radle1837November 13, 1810Wunderthausen1894Oxford, New Jersey
Johann Georg RiedeselGeorge1906December 5, 1842WunderthausenJanuary 9, 1927Wheatland, Iowa
Johann Heinrich RiedeselHenry D.1867June 22, 1841WunderthausenJanuary 29, 1917Wheatland, Iowa
Johann Heinrich RiedeselHenry John1913July 18, 1906April 17, 2003Cambria County, Pennsylvania
Johann Heinrich RiedeselHenry1866October 23, 1847WunderthausenApril 26, 1930Salem, Oregon
Johann Henrich Riedesel1819June 14, 1772Berleburg
Johann Jost RiedeselJohn1857April 23, 1825WunderthausenNovember 13, 1899Chicago, Illinois
Johann Ludwig RiedeselJ. Ludwig1844August 28, 1822WunderthausenJanuary 12, 1910Clinton, Iowa
Johann Ludwig Riedesel1819March 9, 1775Berleburg
Johannes RiedeselJohn1866January 27, 1846Wunderthausen1902St. Louis, Missouri
Johannes RiedeselJohn1854November 11, 1833WunderthausenSeptember 27, 1898Wheatland, Iowa
Johannes RiedeselJohn1845March 30, 1829WunderthausenNovember 9, 1909Wheatland, Iowa
Johannes RiedeselJohn Radle1837October 20, 1810WunderthausenJune 30, 1873Cherokee County, Iowa
Johannes RiedeselJohn1867October15, 1842WunderthausenOctober 15, 1891Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Johannes RiedeselJohn Rittase1818September 15, 1787WunderthausenNovember 3, 1855Littlestown, Pennsylvania
Johannes RiedeselJohn1815December 4, 1814WunderthausenSeptember 13, 1831Adams County, Pennsylvania
Johannes Rietesel1881c1849Prob. Cook County
John Riedesel1873About 1848Stralsund, VorpommernProb. Cook County
Karl RiedeselCarl1880March 24, 1854ErndtebrückNovember 19, 1936Crookston, Minnesota
Katherine RiedeselKatrina Riedesel1906September 22, 1854RüsselsbachApril 11, 1908Wheatland, Iowa
Ludwig Heinrich RiedeselHenry1893January 26, 1836WunderthausenMay 14, 1902Rochester, New York
Ludwig Heinrich RiedeselL. Henry1818July 12, 1818WunderthausenJuly 30, 1894Wheatland, Iowa
Ludwig Heinrich RiedeselHenry1854July 21, 1834WunderthausenJuly 17, 1898Lanesboro, Iowa
Ludwig Heinrich Riedesel1857December 23, 1839Wunderthausen
Ludwig Heinrich RiedeselLouis H. 1906March 21, 1888WunderthausenApril 8, 1958Wheatland, Iowa
Ludwig RiedeselJ. Louis1845December 10, 1841WunderthausenOctober 23, 1923Minneapolis, Minnesota
Ludwig RiedeselLudwig1849January 20, 1830ErndtebrückMarch 12, 1901Yorktown, Texas
Ludwig Riedesel 1845February 21, 1784WunderthausenAbt 1848Galion, Ohio
Luise RiedeselLuise Strackbein1906July 17, 1881WunderthausenDecember 12, 1937Wheatland, Iowa
Luise RiedeselLuise Pieper1891September 19, 1860ErndtebrückNovember 30, 1949Nordheim, Texas
Maria Amalia RiedeselAmalia1845June 16, 1822WunderthausenAbt.1848Ohio
Marie Luise RiedeselLouise Barr1922October 19, 1898Diedenhofen, LothrignenJune 20, 1977Fargo, North Dakota
Marie RiedeselMarie Zehner1896August 30, 1880Paris, FranceNovember 9, 1972Parsons, Kansas
Peter RiedeselPeter1904November 11, 1886Diedenhofen, LothringenAugust 1975Washington state
Philipp RiedeselPhillip John1867December 22, 1860WunderthausenDecember 13, 1940Moundville, Missouri
Sophia RiedeselSophia Reimer1880October 1819Glewitz, Vorpommern1905Prob. Elgin, Illinois
Theodore Rietesel1873February 1863Around StralsundAfter 1940Prob. Cook County, Illinois
Wilhelmine RiedeselMinnie Schneider1848October 22, 1829WunderthausenJanuary 26, 1897Wheatland, Iowa

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