Luise (Riedesel) Strackbein (1881)

Luise Riedesel was born July 17, 1881 in Wunderthausen to Johann Georg and Katherine (Riedesel) Riedesel. Her father was by then the owner of the house and property known as Weymers. She was the fourth of eleven children.

The entire family emigrated to America in the early 1900s. Her sister Emilie Lisette had gone in 1902 as a newlywed. Luise followed on June 24, 1903, on the ship Rhein out of Bremen landing in Baltimore.

On December 5, 1905 Luise was married to John Conrad Strackbein in Wheatland. He was second-generation but would have spoken the Wunderthausen dialect. The next year, the remainder of Luise’s family came to live at Wheatland.

Luise and John were to have four children. They spent their lives around Wheatland where she died December 12, 1937 and he on December 25, 1968.

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