Pictures: Riedesel Freiherren (Barons) zu Eisenbach

Members of this family are known from the 1200s on. Their first known base was the town of Melsungen and they had possessions in various places, but are most closely associated with the area around Lauterbach (Hessen). Outside the town is the imposing fortress called Eisenbach from which came their title. The men of the family were elevated to the title of Baron (Freiherr) in 1680.

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Schloß Eisenbach near the town of Lauterbach
A distance view of the old fortress
These are the "official" Wappen of the Freiherren zu Eisenbach (and not just to anyone named Riedesel) per their elevation by the Emperor in 1680.
The simple heraldric shield of the Riedesels of Eisenbach, published in 1605 in Johann Siebmacher's Wappenbuch. Note that they are referred to as the Riedesel "von Eisenbach", but this a descriptive fact (they were "from Eisenbach") rather than a title.
This shield of the Riedesel zu Eisenbach hangs in the Fürstensaal of the castle of the Landgrave of Hesse in Marburg.
A family tree (Stammbaum) of the principal members of the Riedesels of Melsungen and later Eisenbach from 1200 to 1500. Hermann II (1407-1463) was the one who took possession of the already old fortress "Eisenbach" in 1430.
Close-up of a wall of Schloß Eisenbach.
Chapel at Schloß Eisenbach
The Burg in Lauterbach, part of an ancient family complex
19th century painting of the Burg in Lauterbach by Wilhelmine Riedesel Freifrau zu Eisenbach
Elisabeth Brunnen (Fountain) near Schröck. Johann VIII of this line (1544-1609) was a trusted advisor to the Landgraf of Hessen. When the Graf had this monument to St. Elisabeth constructed, he included the heraldry of these advisors. The Riedesel Wappen are the fourth from the left on the upper rank. Due to weathering, the details are barely visible now.
Close-up of Johann VIII's heraldry

This site (in German) has links to portraits of many of the noble Riedesels zu Eisenbach as well as other documents.