Pictures from Leidenhofen etc.

One branch of the Riedesel family settled in villages that are now part of the town of Ebsdorfergund–primarily Leidenhofen. This area is near Marburg. The first Riedesel came from Girkhausen. In time they had descendants living in Diedenhofen/Lothringen (now Thionville/Lorraine/France), Belgium, France, Luxembourg, New York state and points west. Christian Friedrich Riedesel built a substantial house for the time in Winnen around 1750. His son Johannes was born here in 1766, served as a Corporal in the regiment of the Hessian state, and eventually settled at Leidenhofen. As far as I know, there are no living Riedesel descendants of this branch other than through Johannes. Clicking on these thumbnails will open full-size versions of the pictures.