Katherine (Riedesel) Riedesel (1854)

Katherine was born September 22, 1854 at the single house at Rüsselsbach near Wunderthausen. She was the first of eight children of Johann Georg and Anna Elisabeth (Dickel) Riedesel.

Not long after her 18th birthday on November 24, 1872, Katherine married Johann Georg Riedesel of Wunderthausen. He was to be the heir of the family property in Wunderthausen. Between 1874 and 1895 George and Katherine had eleven children that I know of. Two of her husband’s brothers preceded them to America as did two daughters.

Eventually the rest of the family made the move. They traveled on the ship Rhein out of Bremen, landing in New York on October 15, 1906. George took over a farm outside of Wheatland. Sadly, Katherine did not even enjoy two years of this new life, dying on April 11, 1908. George, though, lived until January 9, 1927. Both are buried in St. Paul’s cemetery at Wheatland.

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