Emma (Riedesel) Strackbein (1891)

Emma Riedesel was born April 27, 1891 in Wunderthausen to Johann Georg and Katherine (Riedesel) Riedesel. Her father was by then the owner of the house and property known as Weymers. She was the ninth of eleven children.

The entire family emigrated to America in the early 1900s. Her sister Emilie Lisette had gone in 1902 as a newlywed and  sister Luise went in 1903. The remaining family traveled on the ship Rhein out of Bremen, landing in New York on October 25, 1906.

On February 28, 1913 she married Albert Strackbein of Wheatland (two of her sisters married two of his brothers!). He was born October 21, 1886 south of Wheatland near Big Rock. They took up farming in the neighborhood of many other Wunderthausen descendants. Two children were born to the marriage. Albert died January 15, 1958 and Emma died May 14, 1986; both are buried in St. Paul’s Cemetery in Wheatland.

Obituary of Emma (Riedesel) Strackbein
Ancestry of Emma Riedesel
Ancestry of Albert Strackbein
Emma and Albert Strackbein 1912 (photo)
Emma and her sisters Lisette and Hermine (photo)