Anna Catherine (Riedesel) Riddle (1815)

Anna Catherine Riedesel was born in Wunderthausen on April 22, 1815. She was the seventh of nine children of Johann Ludwig and Anna Elisabeth (Knoche) Riedesel who were tenants in Wetzels house.  Family tradition has it that she married Johann Georg Riedesel of Wunderthausen in 1837 and that they soon left for America. This marriage is not recorded in the local parish records but it is possible that they were married elsewhere. For whatever reason, she was known in the U.S. as “Mary Catherine.”

As did other emigrants from Wunderthausen, the couple settled near Oxford, New Jersey where they eventually had eight children that we know of. And like some other Riedesels in this area (only), they began to go by “Riddle” (or Radle, or . . .). George–as he was known–died at Oxford on May 31, 1894 (or was it 1893 or 1884?). Catherine lived until September 11, 1909. They are buried in the small cemetery at Hazen.

Ancestry of Catherine Riedesel
Ancestry of J. Georg Riedesel
Grave Marker in Hazen Cemetery