Johannes Riedesel/John Rittase (1787)

Johannes Riedesel was born September 15, 1787 in Wunderthausen. He was the son of Johann Ludwig Riedesel and Anna Elisabeth Spies in the house known as Wetzels. He was married to Catherine Elisabeth Pott–whether “officially” or just by common law, we don’t know. She was born on November 28, 1793 in Wunderthausen. The evidence we have says they came to America (probably the port of Philadelphia) in 1818 with one child.

They farmed near Hanover, York County before moving to a farm in Union Township, Adams County. Even though there were many literate, German speakers about, the family name became ‘Rittase.’ Except for the absence of the closing ‘L’ this is close to the original pronunciation. They had nine known children.

John died on November 3, 1855 in Littlestown, Pennsylvania. Catherine died there on January 3, 1866. They are buried at Christ Church near Littlestown in Adams County with the following inscription:
In memory of JOHN
Sept. 15,1787 in
the canton of
Wittgenstein in the
kingdom of Prussia
and being a citizen
of America for the
last 40 years
died Nov. 3, 1855

Ancestry of Catherine Pott