Elisabeth (Riedesel) Homrighausen (1844)

This Elisabeth Riedesel is something of a mystery. Despite very complete church records from the area around Wunderthausen, we are not able to pin down her exact birth date nor the identity of her parents. Apparently she was born in June 1844 with a father named Ludwig. He had some connection with the lone house at Rehseifen.

Whatever her origins, she married the widower Johann Georg Homrighausen in Wunderthausen on October 27, 1867. He was born there on May 20, 1835. They were soon gone from Germany. They had a daughter in Illinois in 1869 and several more children, apparently in Bremer County, Iowa.

Both were alive as of 1900 and living in Black Hawk County, Iowa. We know the names of six of their ten children but little beyond that.