Johann Heinrich (Henry D.) Riedesel (1841)

Johann Heinrich Riedesel was born June 22, 1841 in Wunderthausen as the fourth child of Georg Gabriel (aka Ludwig) Riedesel and his first wife, Elisabeth Amalia Knoche. His parents lived in the new house known as Schreiners or Großeludwigs. He was almost certainly known by his middle name of Heinrich. It is said that he worked as a stone mason, presumably living in the family home. Family tradition says that he served in the Prussian army from 1864-1866.

His oldest brother, Johannes/John, left for America in 1854. His youngest brother Ludwig/Louis went to Wheatland in 1866 with the hostilities of the American Civil War at an end. The next year would see Heinrich make the same journey with his father, step-mother and two step-siblings. June 22, 1841. They came on the ship Argonaut out of Bremen and arrived at New York on November 9, 1867.  He lived at Kansas City for a year but went on to Wheatland where he farmed with brothers George and Louis. He was known as Henry D. Riedesel.

Katherine Knebel had come to Wheatland from Wunderthausen in 1865. She and Henry were married there on November 1, 1871. She died at the age of 42 on December 12, 1887, two months following the birth of their last child. They had at least four children we know of.

Louise Rix(e) and her family came to Wheatland from Chicago but were of German stock. She was first married to Charles Penningroth but it appears that they divorced; they had at least five children. She and Henry were married about 1888 but I do not have a precise date. They had five children but only two lived to adulthood.

At some point the couple moved into Wheatland from their farm south of town. Henry died January 29, 1917 and Louise died August 9, 1929.

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