Johannes Riedesel (1846)

The Johannes Riedesel of St. Louis is almost certainly the Johannes Riedesel who was born in Försters am Lotzenberg house in Wunderthausen on January 27, 1846. He was the son of Georg Ludwig and Luisa Gertraud (Bender) Riedesel. He was the fourth of five children.

I believe he was the 20-year-old John Riedesel aboard the ship “Atlantic” which arrived in New York from Bremen on May 28,1866. His occupation is listed as “clerk” though he later worked as a stone mason. Sooner or later he settled in St. Louis as it was there on October 5, 1873 that married Louisa Wilhelmina Henrietta Schlesselmann. She was born in Missouri on February 11, 1852.

They had at least six children. John died in about 1902, Louisa not until January 3, 1937.