Ludwig Heinrich Riedesel (1836)

Ludwig Heinrich Riedesel was born January 26, 1836 in Wunderthausen in the house known now as Hanjosts though historically as Altehäusers. He was the fourth of sixth children of Johann Jost and Maria Gertraud (Dreisbach) Riedesel.

He married Katharina Elisabeth Dickel on May 27, 1862. Rather than trying to set up their own household, the couple remained in his family home. During this time, Ludwig Heinrich was working with his father to establish a kind of Kneipe in Wunderthausen (“bar” doesn’t have the same ring). That business, including the brewing of spirits, has continued to the present day.

The couple had four children, three of whom grew to adulthood. Sadly, Elisabeth died young on June 13, 1885 in Wunderthausen. After a few years, he made the decision to go to America with his youngest son, Christian Willi. They  arrived in New York on September 14, 1893 on the ship “Lahn” out of Bremen. Henry was to live only a few more years, dying on May 14, 1902 in Rochester where they had settled.

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