Dina Riedesel (1853)

Dina Riedesel would have been born in Germany about 1853 though no entry for her can be found in the Wunderthausen church records. She was the daughter of Georg Gabriel (known as Ludwig) Riedesel and his second wife Elisabeth Amalia Knoche. They settled in the Kansas City area.

The only record of her existence is a passenger list for the Argonaut out of Bremen carrying other family members; the ship docked in New York out of Bremen on November 9, 1867. She is not listed with them in the 1870 Census nor does any birth record in Wunderthausen look like hers. Perhaps she was already married by 1870. Her half-brother Louis D.’s obituary in 1929 alludes to two half-sisters and she was one of the two he had.

It seems most likely that she grew to adulthood but has remained hidden to family researchers.

Ancestry of her father
Ancestry of her mother